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I would like to welcome you to my hair replacement and mastectomy boutique that I have specialized for ladies suffering from any type of hair loss and going through chemotherapy. In 2002, I made a decision to have a prophylactic Bilateral Mastectomy due to being at such a high risk of breast cancer and finding a lump in my left breast. In February 2005, we lost my mother-in-law to cancer and in 1993, I lost my mother to cancer at the young age of 42. This was the most devastating time of our lives. With my mother in 1993, we didn’t know where to turn for any support and what she wanted was some hair. Hair should be the last thing to worry about at this time. At the time my mother was losing her hair, the only place to get help was a beauty supply store where you pick a wig out of a book, order it and wear it!!! And it looked just like she had done just that. The wig was very thick, bulky and very hot. It looked nothing like her real hair. Most of the time when ladies find out they will be going through chemotherapy, the first few thoughts are, “Will I lose my hair, what will I do?” It is devastat­ing to think of walking around with no hair. In 2001, I went to work for a special lady named Shari Messinger in Barboursville, WV, the president of Resolutions 2. I replied to a help wanted ad in the local newspaper for a hairstylist. Well, I thought it was just another salon. I realized after entering the salon; this would be the job of my dreams. This salon was and still is a special salon for ladies going through chemotherapy and suffering many types of hair loss. I realized after taking this job, this is what I was meant to do. Every day I went to work want­ing to make a difference in these ladies’ lives, and I did. But it also made a difference in my life. After moving to Somerset 6 years ago, I realized there was not one place here for these ladies to go get help. This store is 5 years in the making and it is finally here, and for many years to come. I have many family members that have been diagnosed with cancer and watched them go through the same situation, with nowhere to turn for the little things that aid in recovery. I want to help make this healing process as smooth as possible. I want to make these spe­cial ladies look good and most of all—feel better. This is my story of why this salon is so important to me. I want to make my salon as comfortable and inviting as possible to anyone going through chemotherapy and suffering from any type of hair loss.

705 Correll Street
Somerset, Ky 42503